Selected Testimonials


Fiction for Adults

All I can say is WOW! WOW! WOW! Your DE of Death in High Places is spot on, incredibly helpful, and structured so one can fix things. I so appreciate the time you took to be so detailed. You’ve left me a clear roadmap to improvements. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

~Sara L. Jameson, author of the Riley Williams romantic suspense series (Scrivenings Press)

Thank you for the developmental edit report on my fantasy novel, The Faded Dragon. I am left impressed and a bit scared about what I need to do next, but thank you again for helping me get so far. The copyedit was excellent too. I truly loved your work on my book. It turned out great!  I will definitely be going to you for edits once more on my next book. I’ll be sure to recommend you if anyone needs the editing you provide.

~Cameron I. G. Michaels

I was very pleased with the quality of Robin’s work on my historical novel The Photograph. Her suggestions and corrections added greatly to what I had considered to be a finished product. Now it is polished. I will recommend her to all of my writer friends. Thanks, Robin.

~Kat Karpenko, author of Emma’s Ghost

I engaged Robin on a proofreading assignment for my historical fiction novel Keziah’s Song. Robin’s meticulous skill and work ethic were on full display with this assignment. In addition to detailed proofreading deliverables, Robin provided valuable additional editorial suggestions that went above and beyond my expectations. I also found Robin’s prompt, clear and considerate communications to be of great value. She kept in close contact with me during the process to ensure that my preferences were adhered to while also supplying objective recommendations and supporting rationale to help guide my decisions along the way.
I look forward to working with Robin again in the future!

~Daryl Potter, author of Even the Monsters and  Blind Man’s Labyrinth

Children’s and YA Fiction

Robin’s edits more than met my satisfaction!  Her copyediting was detailed, sensitive, and thoughtful. For Bright Eyes, my YA historical novel set in sixteenth-century Japan, she was able to work well with both the narrative voice and the occasional eruptions of Japanese. I look forward to working with her again!

~David Kudler, Joseph Campbell Foundation, author of Risuko and Bright Eyes

Robin’s developmental edit of my middle grade fantasy The Light Keeper was just what I needed. Her report covered theme, setting, characters and POVs, and plot/structure. Each section provided deep insight about things I had overlooked despite my numerous read-throughs and employment of other readers. The edit of my document itself showed me precisely where I had opportunities to add more detail and strengthen the plot, what plot holes I had created, and some general food for thought. With Robin’s detailed report, I have been able to revisit my work with fresh eyes and make meaningful changes that improve the story. Thank you!

~Christina Wallace

Robin is a great editor to work with! She possesses the mastery of the language and the power of prose that leaves the reader engaged and interested. During the stylistic copy editing of my debut middle-grade novel A Place of Turquoise, Robin not only made sentences sound beautiful and paragraphs flow smoothly, she also looked at the bigger picture and provided invaluable suggestions. Her care and thoroughness were priceless. 
During the editing process she still managed to preserve my voice which was critical. Her in-depth feedback and insights will also help me in the improvement of my craft. I truly enjoyed working with Robin and love the end result. And I really appreciated her open communication style and ability to deliver on commitments. I’m looking forward to working with Robin on my next projects. 

~Karina Salfeld

Your line edit of my MG/YA fantasy novel Legend Hollow: The Witch’s Cookbook was fantastic!  You added life to the story and took much of the language from clunking along to singing. I am forever grateful for that! This is the first book in the series and I can’t wait to have you edit my next entry.  You are a magician!

~Taylor Pensoneau

I have just completed going through your extremely helpful developmental edit. I felt I should drop you a line once again thanking you for your thorough, professional and inspiring approach to my manuscript. Your attention to detail is superb and I have probably adopted 95% of your corrections in the text. Your general comments on FID and POV are particularly instructive and will be invaluable in the future.

Once again, many thanks. Castle of Doubts can only be a much better book as a result of your work.

~ David Webster, author of I Am Edison

I am absolutely amazed by Robin’s work on The Gliders. The amount of care and detail she put into polishing my middle-grade fantasy novel to make it pop is beyond words, and I couldn’t have asked for more. It feels like she truly connected with my MC, understood her emotions and added just the right details to make her shine. I look forward to working with Robin again and recommend her to other writers!

~ Branko Harp

Robin is easy to work with and very professional. She’s edited three books for me, and I’ve been very happy with her work.

~Stephenie Peterson, author of the Toby series

Robin’s critique of my YA science fiction novel provided me with angles I hadn’t considered and great suggestions to help move my plot along. She helped me pin down the changes I needed to make in terms of pacing, structure, and themes. Her feedback was specific and encouraging, and I felt she really connected with the story I wanted to tell. I feel sure I will have a better, more marketable book on my hands as a result of Robin’s work.

~Christine Doran, author of  the Lilac trilogy

Picture Books

I was privileged to work with Robin on my first picture book, Adventures with Darian: A Pirate at Sea See. I had struggled for over a year and felt like I was going nowhere. Robin was able to provide the direction I desperately needed. Her critique was extremely helpful—concise, constructive, and insightful. She used specific examples to suggest fixes and pinpointed areas of my manuscript that needed more attention and clarity. Her feedback motivated me, as a writer, to push myself to find more creative and stronger ways to tell my story. I was blown away by how she also made her line editing suggestions sound like MY voice. I will definitely be using Robin’s editorial services again. She is truly amazing.

~J. L. Rames

I contacted Robin to help with content, grammar, and punctuation, and I was in awe of her in depth-knowledge of rhyming and word substitutions. Robin’s patience, knowledge, and passion made it so wonderful to work with her. 

~Katie Larson, author of The Night Santa Fell Asleep

Robin worked “editorial magic” on my picture book. She took the time to listen to me and my story and then offered ideas for story improvement. I have great respect for her insight. I would not hesitate to ask Robin to edit any future work of mine. I would just like to have her involved much earlier next time! I am so grateful.

~Leigh Gardener, author of Pirate Flu (and What to Do)

I sent Robin my picture book manuscript, and I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better editor. Not only is her editing incredible and so helpful, she is also extremely reliable and easy to work with! I am blown away by her work, and I am very grateful to be working with her. I highly recommend Robin.

~Larisa Madison, author of Quinn-da-lin

I’m grateful for the help that Robin gave to me along the way in the publishing of An ABC Prayer to Jesus. Robin helped me work through the difficult challenge of creating a book full of truth, and yet accessible to children. She also offered ideas to simplify the text and maintain its poetic consistency, while not losing its unique style and appeal. Many thanks! ~Tim Shorey, author of Respect the Image

Robin is a true wordsmith. She worked with me as a fledgling writer and helped me craft my story to make it more appealing to my children’s audience. She challenged me to become a better writer by modeling writing strategies. I would highly recommend Robin as an editor. She is a true professional. 

~Stacy Leicht, author of Good One, God

I had the pleasure of working with Robin for development and line edits. She was very helpful in polishing my story. Robin is supportive, professional, and an absolute pleasure to work with. She knew exactly which words and sentences to cut to make my manuscript shine. Also, I was thrilled that she worked extremely fast, exceeding her deadline. I will be using her services again.

~Dara Henry

I am in awe of your knowledge and talent and am so glad that I chose to contact you about my picture book. You have made my writing life count for something good. Continue to “give wings to words” for more people. I want to fly higher and believe I couldn’t do it without your help.

~Christine Ellington

I came to Robin for a developmental edit of a children’s picture book on geometry written in rhyme. Her edits and suggestions were fantastic and helped me realize that my high school understanding of rhythm and rhyme needed some updating. Her report walked me through some basics and gave additional resources that have been a great help. Thank you, Robin!

~Kevin Mogk, S.T.E.A.M. Bloke

Children’s Non-fiction

I worked with Robin on developmental editing and then copyediting of a collection of short stories about incredible dyslexics from engineers to artists. Robin provided honest critique, pointed out areas of weakness, caught errors (blatant and nuanced), and suggested rephrasing. She also helped me reduce word count as requested, which was immensely helpful. Working with Robin, I felt like she was a creative partner who actually cared about my stories and was invested in seeing them succeed. It was a pleasure working with her, and I’m grateful I found her. (Thank you, Robin!)

~Elizabeth Trudeau, author of Brilliantly Dyslexic

From the very beginning, not only was Robin professional and meticulous in her details, but also supportive and encouraging during the process of proofreading Brilliant Strengths: A Strengths-Based Program Designed to Raise Self-Esteem and Lower Anxiety in Students with Dyslexia. She worked effortlessly with my book designer and through technology glitches along the way. As a first-time writer, I greatly appreciated her insight and attention to details during the final stages of writing this guide.

~Nicki Winter