Developmental Editing

The Big Picture

  • strengthening such large-scale storytelling elements as structure, pacing, characterization, and point of view (critique or full developmental edit)

You have a great story—but are you still wondering if your characters come alive, if your plot and pacing make sense, and if your themes shine through without beating your reader over the head? With my love of logical organization, I’ll help you review your work effectively so that your creativity glows.

Stylistic Copy Editing

The Finer Details

  • editing of grammar, punctuation, and elements of style to strengthen clarity and effectiveness of communication

Stumped by semi-colons and stymied by misplaced modifiers? Place your work in my grammar geek hands, and with my passion for language I’ll help you correct, clarify, and polish your prose so you’ll be proud to put your name to it.


The Final Touch

  • a last pass over an already copy edited manuscript to check for any remaining errors in spelling, punctuation, and other small-scale issues

Already had your writing edited and just need a final eagle eye check? I bring my penchant for precision to bear on your work to ensure accuracy and consistency as a final step before publication.

Contact me to discuss your editing needs.